2016 Last Quarter Report

April 26, 2017


Three sewing machines purchased for Shopika, sisters Sathusini & Lithusini, and Pathurshika shall provide these young ladies an opportunity to learn how to sew, a skill that is still highly valued in their village of Pandiruppu.  Not only the girls will benefit but their mothers also will be able to use the sewing machines to derive income from taking in sewing projects.  This endeavor of acquiring the sewing machines and having them delivered to the three families  was the idea of Usha, MF’s projects coordinator.   Usha has been assisting with tsunami projects since January 2005.  Because Usha is now a full time English teacher at a university and working towards a graduate degree, she must give up working for Mother Foundation-US.  The timing is correct for Mother Foundation’s gradual transition to working in Nepal beginning in 2017.


Vasanthi, at her own aunty Meenachi’s request, was provided with goats and chickens to begin a small animal husbandry project.  Money was also provided to purchase start up food for the chickens and the goats.  After considering the many possible occupations that Mother Foundation could create for Vasanthi, this one appeared to be the best one.  Vasanthi loves being outdoors and is comfortable working and being with animals.   The goats will also have access to grasses that grow freely around their rugged compound.  Donation for this project was generously given by the Bartesch family in Germany.   Mr. Moorthy has volunteered to visit this family whenever he is visiting his mother in Hatton in hill country.  They too have a small vegetable farm and cultivate chickens and his advice to this family will be invaluable.


Vaneja’s family throughout the years has been assisted in many projects:  first a new bathroom; then the acquisition of the adjoining line house to enlarge their own small living space; finally, assistance with building a kadi which is a small sundry shop.  Additionally, Vaneja was provided with a monthly income for nourishing food.  Her mother works at the tea estate which provides the line house, her father works at whatever seasonal job he can get.  The kadi will enable Vaneja’s mother to be at home with Vaneja who will have more opportunity to meet other people as she assists her mother in the kadi.