Gnanasekara Usha

November 25, 2013

MF’s Projects Coordinator Usha is no stranger to non profit work.   She grew up with parents that devote substantial time to charities through their temple.   In 2005, When she was only 17, and still in school, she was employed by Homeopathy Without Borders to work in their clinic, and also to be their interpreter.   This gave rise to opportunities to learn more about this medical field, and to actively learn about dispensing remedies to patients living in Pandiruppu, a village vastly destroyed by the 2004 X’mas tsunami.  While working at HWB, she met a homeopath practitioner who was also actively involved with a local committee formed by mothers that  launched an after-school project.  Usha was asked if she would act as an interpreter for this group as well, called Navashakti.

 Later,  Navashakti evolved into Visions of Hope, an after-school center for tsunami affected children. Besides working at VOH, as their staff coordinator, Usha was also a child care assistant at Kinderberg International, looking after special needs children.   Her work entailed traveling to 17 special needs centers in the Ampara district with her coordinator.  These field visits prepared her for future work with families with disabilities in the hill country. 

In April 2013, on graduation from South Eastern University, Usha was offered a position as Projects Coordinator for Mother Foundation-US, a nonprofit that was looking for someone in-house, who would not only be able to coordinate tsunami and hill country projects, but also be able to work independently with only minimal supervision from the U.S.   Usha’s unblemished record with non profits; her maturity, intelligence and integrity were tremendous assets.   Since being hired in April of this year, MF projects have been administered seamlessly both on the ground, in record-keeping and in liaising with both beneficiary families and sponsors.   So we welcome Usha as a God-send, and we hope she will stay with us for many more years to come!   For Mother Foundation-US,  Usha is a gift and a blessing!