A jackfruit

Jack Fruit Trees – The faces of hope

July 14, 2015

This update is written by Sadeepa who organized the project for her village.

I’m Mother Foundation’s current university student and I live in Ambalantota, southern Sri Lanka.  My village was rebuilt after the tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004.  In accordance with our “Mum” Suyin’s advice I started this project by getting the help of Usha akka  (MF’s project coordinator) who lives in Pandirippu Sri Lanka.

We can’t all do great things but we can do small things with great love.

-Mother Teresa

If we can help a person even with a kind word it will be a great thing for them even though we don’t have many things to give them. So, my village people are living by doing small day-to-day work to earn something. But last March of 2014, our Mother Foundation gave 130 jack fruit trees to the families. From that day they hoped that they would be able to get fruits from the trees as soon as possible.


Jackfruit 1


As we are Sri Lankans we know the jack fruits as our second main meal. We can prepare it as a main meal, a curry and a dessert. Jack fruits are also very delicious and it has many nutrients. Some of the families have jack fruit trees from earlier.

From the photos you can see these people are tasting this delicious fruit with their family members. That’s how much they like it.Now these jack trees are growing very well. You can see them above.


A jackfruit


Sometimes, it is their main meal for some time as our people can’t find food for each and every meal. So, I think our people are very happy. They have only one more year until they can harvest fruits as they wish because they look after the tree with a lot of love and care—like a mother and father.

I think that is the reason these trees are giving their love by providing fruits to these people, in order to respect them for their love and affection. Thank you very much Mother Foundation for your kind heart for our poor people. They will get fruits as soon as the trees wish it.