Sivaganga Amma & Jackfruit

January 2, 2014

Sivaganga Amma is a widow who has left her family to live an ascetic life as a spiritual teacher/guru and counselor.  Her dream was to build an ashram [religious residence with a teacher] and a hostel/shelter for other widows.  Two other Swami Ammas live with her in very impoverished conditions.  With the scarce donations that she receives from time to time, she has already started to build her ashram, which up to date is 4 small uncompleted walls and a shack in which she lives.  She has lived this way since early 2005, since after the 2004 Xmas tsunami.  She wants also to build a “hostel/shelter” which really would be a small room/hall in which to conduct daily yoga activities, a place to escape from the tropical sun and rain, and a sleeping space for women devotees at night.  Maybe Mother Foundation can help fulfill this dream of hers, some time in the future!
Some years ago, Patrick Harrigan came across one of the Ammas breaking rocks on the roadside under a burning sun, working as a laborer to furnish stones for road repairs.  With almost 90% humidity and 90 deg weather, it is a wonder that these widows don’t just die doing this kind of work.  The kinds of hardships including sometimes lack of food is unfathomable.  And yet, they live on only so they can be of assistance to their community in a spiritual way.
Mother Foundation has “adopted” them.
In the new year, Mother Foundation will also be supplying Jak Fruit trees to 130 tsunami families who now live in a rebuilt community.  In 2009 when I had one tree planted, as an experiment, I was so surprised to see that it was not only  tall but also bearing fruit during my visit of last year.  This rebuilt village is in Ambalantota on the south central coast, another village besides Pandiruppu on the eastern coast that suffered very severe devastation from the xmas tsunami of 2004.  MF supports families on both coasts.