About Us

Mother Foundation USA is a nonprofit organization which provides charitable assistance to disadvantaged families and/or handicapped individuals with the intention of improving their living conditions and overall quality of life.  We identify needy families and then find sponsors to assist in one or more of the following ways:  provide nutritious foods, basic medical care including hearing aids for children, and education.


How We Help

Often all one family needs is a helping hand – financial assistance to start eg. a paddy field; a vegetable garden; a poultry business or a small sundry shop.  These are small one-time projects that empower individual families by “teaching them to fish.”

Ongoing programs involve a sponsor putting a bright and promising student through high school and/or university.  Education is the single best investment to break the cycle of poverty and contributes to social development.

For handicapped students living in remote areas and that cannot access school, a trade is found so that she or he can make a living from home.


Our Personal Touch

Current projects include handicapped individuals who live in the hill country of south central Sri Lanka, and tsunami families who live on the eastern and southern coasts. We have on the ground staff who implement the project resources purchased with your donation dollars.

Because Mother Foundation USA is a small, grassroots nonprofit,it is able to work closely, and on a very personal level with all of its families.  University students stay in touch with their sponsors via Skype or email.  Best of all, sponsors receive regular reports with photos of their beneficiaries.