Location: Pandiruppu

Asha’s family was one of the lucky families in Pandiruppu that was not affected by the X’mas tsunami of  2004, aka the Boxing Day tsunami.  Today, Pandiruppu is a tsunami rebuilt community, once a seaside village on the east coast of Sri Lanka.  Many of its inhabitants still struggle to rebuild generations-long histories devastated in relatively moments of gorging sea and giant waves.

Asha (23), her mother, sister Chageelogini (21), brother Mitharsanan (9) live in their relatives’ home as their father had to sell the family home when they were children.

Her father owned a small grocery store up till October of last year when he got seriously ill and passed in November 2012, two months after my visit there.  At the time, Asha informed that she would not be able to attend university although she had been accepted at Wayamba University in Makandura.

Fortunately, on returning to the States, a friend in California, informed of her plight, generously offered to become Asha’s sponsor.   Today, a first year student, Asha boards at the school as it requires an all day journey, taking 4 different buses to travel from eastern coastal Pandiruppu to western inland Makandura.  She returns home on  national holidays and during school breaks.  Otherwise, she is busily engaged in one of the country’s most well known agri schools studying Food Science & Nutrition at Wayamba U located in the North Western Province.

Mother Foundation encourages beneficiaries to stay in touch with their sponsors.  At least once a month, Asha sends a thank you email to her sponsor after she withdraws her educational and food stipend that is deposited directly into her bank account.

Asha’s mother would like to start her poultry business again to augment their family’s income.   Fotos show the old chicken coop that became derelict when hard times fell on this family.  For this, a one time sponsor is required.  This may be just the project that you are looking for!  Please contact Mother Foundation if you can help.