Keerthika & Shopika

Location: Pandiruppu

Two beautiful girls live with their aged grandparents in the tsunami village of  Pandiruppu.   Even though this family was not affected by the Xmas tsunami of 2004, the children suffered an equally traumatizing event.  Their mother, having learned of their father’s infidelity poured kerosene over her body and set herself on fire, in front of the girls.  The father left the village, remarried, caring for the new wife and her three children.  He does not provide for his two daughters who have lived with their grandfather since their mother’s death.

Keerthika is 14 and Shopika is 11.  Their grandfather, Mr. Thamotharam is a ironsmith but cannot make enough money to support himself, his wife and the two grandchildren as well.  He is old and is unable to work long or many hours in his home which is also his workshop.

Both girls attend school.  The older Keerthika attends Wesley School in Kalmunai and is in grade 9.  The younger Shopika is in grade 5 and attends the local Vishnu Maha Viddiyalam school in Pandiruppu.  This is only a primary school and she will need to move to a secondary school next year.

Last year, on my visit to this family’s home, projects coordinator Usha and I took the girls shopping at Kalmunai’s “big” school supplies store.  It was a delight to watch them picking out their new school books and stationery, first with trepidation and then with increased excitement.   Julia S. from Australia had sent money for this and she helps whenever she can.  And we are grateful for her support.

If you can help this family so they can have a continuous stream of support, please make a donation now.

Their grandparents dream is for the two girls to finish their high school education, getting good grades so they can attend university.  If you could only meet them and talk with them, you would easily be endeared to their sweet and innocent spirit.  Please help two girls forge themselves happy and secure futures despite their initial unspeakably traumatizing experience as children.  Can you help, please?