Location: Haputale

Krishan fell off a moving train when he was nine.  He lost both his feet.  Today he wears a left foot  prosthesis while he prefers to walk on the other “foot” which is merely a swollen stub of bone and regrowth tissue.  I met him in 2009, a year after we had been sponsoring his education.  Since then, he has been fitted with better prosthesis for his left leg, and now he can walk without crutches.

Krishan is a very bright boy.    Currently, he is taking A Level classes in the town of  Kandy.  He must live away from home to attend the only school in the hill country  which offers subjects like chemistry, physics, applied mathematics, statistics and English.  His dream is to become a mechanical engineer.   From time to time, he emails us his progress at school.  (Beneficiaries are encouraged to stay in touch with their sponsors.)

When we met again in the hill country  in September of 2012, he appeared to have grown into a young man with even more determination to succeed.  We are very happy that he continues to pursue his dream with the same passion he had five years ago.

Education empowers young individuals not only to break repeated cycles of poverty but they also set good examples for the younger ones in the village.  When Krishan graduates from university in 2017, he will be the first in his little village to do so.   It will be a story of a boy who walked miles uphill on dirt roads to the main road to climb on a bus to go to school.   All this he managed despite his severe handicap, as you can see in one photo.

Today, living in a boarding house, close to his school, and equipped with better prosthesis, he can focus all of his energy on his studies.

Please become a sponsor.  Change the life of another handicapped child, the same way Krishan’s life was changed