Location: Sri Lanka

Lithushi is seven and her sister, Shathurshana is eleven. Last year, their father, who had a heart condition died when monsoon flood conditions added to his already challenging life of trying to maintain their meager kadi , a grocery shop that provided the family with earnings of less than a hundred dollars a month. When he was in better health he had worked in a cement factory but when his health started to decline, he opened their little kadi hoping to make sufficient earnings for the family.

Besides the two girls, their maternal grandmother and an older unmarried aunt also live with their mother Inthira Devi. Five female family members live together under one roof without any male support.

Lithushi and Shathurshana each need $10.00 a month to help with education.
Their mother Inthira Devi is seeking a small capital to invest in the kadi , the women have now inherited from their father. Their little grocery shop has very little inventory and therefore cannot turnover enough sales to generate an income of at least $150.00 a month.

If you can help, please contact Mother Foundation USA.