Location: Pandiruppu

Pavishkaran looks like he is five years old when in fact, he is already 12. When he was born, he was only 4.84 lbs/2.2 kilos. At birth, he seemed tiny but appeared normal. At around six months, his mother realized he was not growing at the normal rate. Caring for his older brothers, Dinojan now (15) and Ranujan (13) had given her insight into a normal baby’s growth rate. She took Pavishkaran to many doctors but they all informed nothing could be done. In small villages, it is difficult to access good medical care. A family would have to travel to Colombo and most do not have the resources to do so. Pavishkaran was left to languish and today, he is both mentally and physically disabled with a very curious disability that still has not been diagnosed. When he is awake, he bangs his head constantly on the floor or on his knee. This involuntary action only ceases when he is asleep. A pillow is thrust in between his torso and knees to prevent injury to his forehead.

His mother is the sole support of the family. She cares for him, his two brothers and her aged mother. Father left a long time ago. Catherine L. of New Jersey gave her capital to start a small rice business whereupon she buys rice in bulk and retails in smaller portions to local customers. But her income is not sufficient to take proper care of the whole family.

Pavishkaran is fed soft foods; he cannot feed himself. He is, in fact, unable to do anything for himself, nor is he toilet trained. Therefore, he must be kept in diapers to reduce further house cleaning chores.

MF is looking for a monthly sponsor for Pavishkaran or a one time donation that will enable the purchase of a small wheelchair so mother Kalishwara can take him out with her. A sufficient donation will pay for a medical visit to a specialist in capital city,Colombo.

Last year, on a visit to Pavishkaran, I discovered that he loved his head being massaged, and when he was massaged gently around the ear with one finger, the involuntary head/knee banging stopped. There is hope then that perhaps good nutrition, vitamins and supplements or even medication may cause this painful and worrisome action to stop. The skin on his knees are worn because of this. Additionally, parts of his body are rough and dry because he can only sleep in one position.

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